• The Power of Tradition

    As Legacy Laureates, Roy and PJ Hirabayashi have guided San Jose Taiko through years of powerful performances!

    The Power of Tradition
  • The Mastery of Movement

    Dennis Nahat’s work as dancer, choreographer and artistic director has impacted the world of dance and beyond!

    The Mastery of Movement
  • The Virtue in Truth

    Documentary Film and TV Producer Monica Lam has an eye for investigative reporting.

    The Virtue in Truth
  • The Passion of Rhythm

    John Santos’ innovative music has earned him respect and recognition locally, nationally and abroad!

    The Passion of Rhythm
  • The Beauty in Resources

    Terry Berlier transforms found objects into interactive art that often incorporates sound and kinetics.

    The Beauty in Resources


Each year, SVCREATES recognizes Silicon Valley's most notable artists through the SVLaureate awards, not only for their creative talent, but for their investment in the community through teaching, community outreach, and volunteerism, as well as involvement in committees, commissions, and panels.

Nominations and applications for SVLaureate awards are accepted in five categories and reviewed by an independent panel comprised of distinguished professional artists, presenters, and critics representing a spectrum of disciplines from the Bay Area. Since 1991, more than 150 artists have been honored. Each SVLaureate receives a rare cash award to celebrate and encourage the continuing development of their artistic work.