Barbara Cannon

Barbara Cannon

   Sonoma, CA

Barbara Cannon served as Artistic Director for Bus Barn Stage Company from 1999 – 2012.


What did the Fellowship or Laureate mean to you at the time you received it?

It was recognition of the body of work that I had tried to create in theater, and its importance to the Bay Area community. Basically, it meant everything. It also helped me buy a new computer and take a trip to Italy!

What do you do now? Has your art evolved or changed?

I'm a dog trainer now. I train pet dogs as well as service dogs. I felt frustrated in my efforts to bring something less commercial to the community.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an emerging artist?

Gain as many skills and collect as much knowledge from others as you can. Make connections.

Briefly, how would you describe the state of the arts locally, as well as national and beyond?

vibrant, struggling, inventive, not inventive enough.