Tom Heasley

Tom Heasley


Tom Heasley is in possession of – or possessed by – a very distinctive musical persona.  He is an internationally-acclaimed composer, performer and recording artist whose music creates “a rich and sonorous aural experience that flies in the face of all the dumb cliches about what tuba music is” whose work achieves a unique synthesis of composition and improvisation. Heasley conjures music of great individuality, originality and power, which is deceptively meditative, calm and

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What do you do now? Has your art evolved or changed?

It was recognition and validation coupled with actual money. At that time I looked forward to much more of the same in the upcoming years.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an emerging artist?

I am an artist/homemaker! I would be living on the street if not for my wife's income. It should be the other way around. My art constantly evolves and changes. Big deal.

Briefly, how would you describe the state of the arts locally, as well as national and beyond?

If worldly success interests you, read my upcoming memoirs, and do everything differently than I did.

Same As It Ever Was