Pam Walton

Pam  Walton


Pam Walton, Producer/Director, has two masters from Stanford University, one in Education and the other in Communication (Film and Video Production). Walton is an award-winning independent video producer. Her work has screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, at the Margaret Mead Film Festival, and has been included in the prestigious International Public Television Screening Conference (INPUT). Her documentaries have aired on PBS member stations in major American cities, are

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What do you do now? Has your art evolved or changed?

It contributed to the money I needed for post production.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an emerging artist?

I'm still making documentary films.?Pam Walton Productions produces and distributes films illuminating gay and lesbian lives and the journeys of extraordinary older women.?To read about my work and view trailers of the films, go to:

Briefly, how would you describe the state of the arts locally, as well as national and beyond?

Don't give up. However discouraging it may become, keep making your art.

For the field I'm in, documentary production, the funding seems to be going to the big productions, the feature length docs that explore international issues. The smaller films, like the ones I make about local people and local issues, aren't getting the funding they deserve. I've always appreciated and learned a lot from microcosms.